Пдг 301 плата схема

пдг 301 плата схема
Buy gift membership For regular gift memberships Regular gift memberships purchased online are sent straight to the recipient. You’ll also need to share your Member online login details if the second cardholder wishes to book tickets for talks and discussions online. Bulk funding for regional councils At present, the Government reimburses regional councils for SuperGold trips on a per-trip basis. Can I use my Tate Liverpool / St Ives card in London? The number of SuperGold cardholders is increasing on average by around 29,000 net a year.

How do I refund my exhibition ticket towards membership? If you take your ticket to any membership desk before visiting the exhibition, we can refund the value of your ticket towards Tate membership. Unfortunately, no (due to bank restrictions). It’s also not possible to renew joint memberships over the phone. Funding for Waiheke Island ferries and other niche services will also be capped (with annual CPI adjustments), and SuperGold cardholders will be required to use smartcards as these become available. Can I join, buy a gift membership or renew a membership online by Direct Debit? Alternatively email or call +44 (0)20 7887 8888 (09.45–18.00 daily). Your old card will be cancelled to protect against misuse.

Smartcards SuperGold cardholders will be required to use smartcards as smartcard technology, such as the AT HOP card in Auckland, become available. Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to renew gift memberships online. New services would need to meet criteria to be allowed into the scheme, including being contracted to a regional council and identified in a Regional Public Transport Plan.

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